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The idea for Neventies came when the two founding members Micky and Lars met at music school in Los Angeles. One from Italy and one from Sweden, they vowed to form the band once they returned to Europe. Meeting up in Milan they met up with the two bandits Marco and Gigi, and together they are now knows as the Neventies. 


The Neventies is a rock’n’roll band lost on the highway with the goal to become the greatest band in the world. They play the songs, they live the life. They will do this ’til they die. 


In 2019 they released the music video ”Moving On” and they began to play live shows in Italy. Known for their killer live show, the people went crazy seeing them and the word quickly spread for event organizers like Who Gives A Funk to give them headlining spots at their events. When Covid came the band stopped playing shows, and instead focused on writing new material. In June of 2022 they recorded 10 of their new songs at Chameleon Studios in Hamburg with producer Eike Freese. The album is soon to be released and a tour will follow. 


The Neventies plays garage rock, indie rock, rock’n’roll, rockabilly, hard rock, folk rock, blues, country. They might even one day play disco, or hip hop, or classical. To them it depends where the song takes them. Its about the spirit, and its the same youthful rock’n’roll spirit of bands and artists such as Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Hank Williams, Beck, Bob Dylan, AC/DC, Muddy Waters, Tom Waits, Cage The Elephant, Queens Of The Stone Age, David Bowie, Neil Young, Beethoven and many more. 


The Neventies is a live band, recording albums when they are not touring. They want to play as many shows as possible and bring their great show to the people. Their show, except for showcasing amazing music, is a lot of fun to attend and a very memorable experience. The energy is crazy. The Neventies are early in their career but are on the road, trying to become the greatest live band in the world. 


”Fantastic live band” (Caterina Caselli) 


”The best band in the world.” (Film director Giovanni Busnach)

The debut album soon to be released contains new songs they wrote during the lockdown. It sets the tone for a new musical direction for the Neventies. A direction more deep and connected than before. 

The band is day by day finding out more about themselves and learning a lot. They know they have long way to go to get where they want to be. But staying the course they know they will get there. 


”Such a beautiful, amazing album” (Eike Freese)


Link to album:  (password: rock)

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